Coinbase NFT Market

The most famous crypto currency exchange Coinbase announced to start NFT platform because of challenging with Opensea etc. NFT stamping the 2021 year has been continuing. Coinbase has been working to get the piece of NFT pie that growing fast therefore aiming to put into service til end of the year. We can add that Coinbase has created a pending list for using NFT. Coinbase explaines that buying, demonstrating, discovering any nft will be easier than ever. Coinbase opens a door to produce NFT for customer. If NFT platform can be successfull it will be powerful income channel for company. We can remind you that the nft market is growing day by day. The most popular nft platform opensea makes 2.8 billion dolars transaction a month ago. If we need to remind you that Opensea gets 2.5% commission for every transaction. There is no any information about the commission policy of Coinbase but this subject will be opportunity for passing from opensea to coinbase.