Termation of Duty InSight by NASA

 NASA announced at the thursday statement that termination of 'mole' after 2 years duty. Firstly the vehicle is built by DLR then the 'mole' is entrusted as InSight vehicle of NASA. InSight vehicle cost about 800 million dollar. InSight is entrusted to make a 16 feets hole for measuring the temperature but InSight made 14 feets hole and be choked up. After all the experience, team supported the vehicle but any support doesn't be effective. 

Thus the termination is realized at 9 January 2021. The vehicle provided that firstly we hear the earthquakes at the surface of Mars. Of course, the process realized that the researchers got major experience. At the same time the Perseverance, is planned that landing at the 2022, will create a meteorological ecosystem first time on the planet.