NASA Test Radiation Vest for Astronauts

 Astronauts face lots of different difficulties, danger of radition is a important one inside of the all difficulties too. Today A space road trip takes from 6 to 9 months on average therefore NASA is working on developing protector vest for extend this trip time.

AstroRad the protector vest is designed by StemRad for Lockheed Martin and because of protecting the intervention teams from radition. NASA wants to test for the protecting astronauts. For the test, the pattern is sent to NASA last year. 

The vest is produced by flexible polyethylene and is designed custom made to size. the protector vest comfortable or not is important, the astronauts will sleep with this protector vest and they will try it, this experience will not to be much than 8 hours. 

With this product. NASA wants to keep astronauts longer and safe time.