How to copy and paste just filtered values in Excel

As all of us face, we want to  filter data and past the data paralel except unfiltered data in excel. Is there any way to handle it. Keep calm let me explain that :) We can start with an example, you have data including ten rows and you want to copy data just inside of 1,2,3,7,8 rows and paste all of the data to other column and 1,2,3,7,8 rows.

So you don't care 4,5 rows. There is a way to realize this but this way has a few tricks to be careful. 

- Firstly copy the data you want. 

- Then select the field as much as you copy for paste process. 

- Press the equal button with this way select first cell of feild you get.

- Finally press ctrl + enter and finalize the workflow.

As a result We can realize copy and paste process with the exception of the field you don't want to copy. I hope that this trick will be usefull for you. Excel is everywhere.